The Kundalini Revolution

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Linda Martin

Linda has been practising Kundalini Yoga since she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2008. The rhythmic movements were exactly what she needed to help her come into alignment with her natural rhythm and in turn, help her gain back her health. She understands the demands of life but also understands that regular stresses of day to day living are not supportive so loves to share short and simple tools to help improve peoples health.

Course Description

3 Modules 24 Videos 2 Documents

Increase your energy and live the life you want with a regular Yoga practice.

Members of the Kundalini Revolution will learn how to use Yoga to improve their health and increase their Vibrancy and Health. This place is ideal for you if you want to bring balance to your body and mind. 

Course Curriculum

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Video Library
  1. Video - Kriya - Megnetic Field and Heart Centre
  2. Video - Kriya - Sweat and Laugh in the Morning
  3. Video - Kriya - Solstice Set
  4. Video - Kriya - Raise the Kundalini in Quick Order
  5. Video - Kriya - For the Ten Bodies
  6. Video - Kriya - Sat Kriya Workout
  7. Video - Kriya - For the Positive Mind
  8. Video - Kriya - Pituitary Gland Series
  9. Video - Kriya - For Glandular Balance
  10. Video - Kriya - Flow
  11. Video - Kriya - For Elevation
  12. Video - Kriya - From Anxiety to conscious Clarity
  13. Video - Kriya - Surya Kriya
  14. Video - Kriya - Soothe the inner child
  15. Video - Kriya - Life Nerve Stimulation
  16. Video - Kriya - Essence of Self
  17. Video - Kriya - Prosperity and Green Energy
  18. Video - Kriya - Flow with the Breath
  19. Video - Kriya - Deep Lungs preparatory for Meditation
  20. Video - Gentle movement for the Heart Centre
  21. Video - Kriya - for Disease Resistance
  22. Video - Kriya - to keep the Body Beautiful
  23. Video - Kriya - for Morning Sadhana
  24. Video - Kriya - to Master Your Domain


“I spent a number of months doing a gentle morning yoga on-line with Linda. It was a wonderful way ‘to wake up’ at 7 am​, and really set me up for the rest of the day! Linda’s approach to yoga and meditation is suitable for all levels. Linda was also instrumental in bringing the famous Kundalini master, Guru Dharam, to Ireland in February 2020 for what was a revelatory 2-day workshop I thoroughly enjoyed.”
Linda’s morning yoga shapes and structures my days as well as my body & mind. It is always different and I always seem to find something new in myself. 🙏.