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Course Description

9 Modules 17 Videos

Course Curriculum

  1. Ready to Love Your Divi Website?

The Basics - The First 5
  1. Video One
  2. Video Two
  3. Video Three
  4. Video Four
  5. Video Five

A Bit More
  1. A Bit More
  2. Getting your images into Divi
  3. Super simple SEO for Wordpress
  4. How to put audio recording on your website
  5. How to use Divi layouts
  6. Manage Social Media previews of your Wordpress site
  7. How to make buttons and them linked to acuity scheduler
  8. How to add new testimonials to your testimonial slider

Even More
  1. How to create 2 or 3 (or more) modules in a row

Edit My
  1. Image
  2. Navigation background colour
  3. The home page my logo links to

  1. Memberships and courses

  1. Waaa My Site is behaving weird
  2. What to do if things are going wrong.
  3. Contact form troubles?

Digital Readiness
  1. Welcome
  2. Slides
  3. WooCommerce

May Q&A
  1. Live Q&A